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Conforming Elastic Bandages

Conforming elastic bandages are made from cotton, viscose, polyamide or polyester with good elongation, which are the most widely used and the most economic. They are ideal for fixation of wound dressing to movable parts of the body such as joints. They are easy to be wrapped up and free for  movement.   

               Size                   Package
4cmX4m   20rolls/bx, 36bxs/ctn
5cmX4m  50rolls/bx, 20bxs/ctn
6cmX4m 20rolls/bx, 28bxs/ctn
7cmX4m  50rolls/bx, 20bxs/ctn
8cmX4m 20rolls/bx, 24bxs/ctn
10cmX4m 20rolls/bx, 20bxs/ctn
12cmX4m 20rolls/bx, 16bxs/ctn
15cmX4m  25rolls/bx, 20bxs/ctn
20cmX4m  25rolls/bx, 20bxs/ctn
2"X4.1Y 12rolls/bx, 8bxs/ctn
3"X4.1Y  12rolls/bx, 8bxs/ctn
4"X4.1Y 12rolls/bx, 8bxs/ctn
6"X4.1Y 12rolls/bx, 8bxs/ctn


Crepe Bandages

100% cotton crepe bandages





5cmX4m 50rolls/bx, 10bxs/ctn
7cmX4m  50rolls/bx, 10bxs/ctn
10cmX4m  50rolls/bx, 10bxs/ctn
15cmX4m 50rolls/bx, 10bxs/ctn
20cmX4m 50rolls/bx, 10bxs/ctn


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