Forearm Crutches

YH3030 ---------------------------------- YH3031 -----------------------------------  YH3032

     YH3030-- Forearm Crutches
        Vinyl-coated, tapered arm cuffs   molde
        Leg and forearm sections adjust independently
        Height Adjustable 90-122cm, Packing 20pcs/ctn
        Measure  83X35X30cm, N.W. 0.55kg/pc, G.W.12kgs
    YH3031 --"EuroStyle"ForearmCrutches
        Color: Silver, Red, Pink, Blue, Green
        One-piece molded plastic cuff and hand-grip assembly
        Reflection piece for safety purpose
        Height Adjustable 95-119cm, Packing 20pcs/ctn       
        Measure 83X35X30cm, N.W. 0.45kg/pc, G.W.10kgs
      YH3032--Forearm Crutches
          Height Adjustable 87-117cm, Packing 20pcs/ctn
        Measure 83X35X30cm, N.W. 0.45kg/pc, G.W.10kgs

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